How accessible are GPT-3 language tools?

Apr 27, 2021

Barrier to Entry

While compiling notes and research on the current best GPT-3 and Natural Language Processing software I found myself looking for a range of monetary entry barriers. As an avid learner and curious participant, naturally I wanted to poke around, and do so without gambling all my tokens.

This eagerness led me to a larger thought, indeed one I keep circling throughout my research; who is this all for? Is GPT-3 software being designed specifically for larger companies? Or perhaps this software was created just above our reach? With any new industry or technology it is vastly expensive and seemingly inaccessible in the beginning.

However,  in the fold the creases are being formed. Shadows are being cast and entire markets popping up in their valleys. The more information I find the more questions arise and each new google search yields a great plethora of information, companies researchers journalists as curious as ever, pillaging for truth and hoping to enlighten the path for others.

While most companies that are at the top of the GPT-3 list are out performing their competitors; I'm still digging for what is accessible to the public and coming up mostly empty handed. Always a human hand to find? Maybe a conglomerate of minds to find.

One company  does offer a one week free trial. This piqued my interest. Their product seems to be marketed towards free-lancers, journalists , those who find themselves in a copywriting field. However it's not entirely free, and generates a copy for monetary rewards, IE all about the Benjamins.

Another company has the added bonus of being free for developers, and full service for enterprises. A step in the right direction. Seemingly so not many users from the general public that wouldn't have at least a touch of programming background. (not yet!) They use the general language GermanBERT and are happy to share their work on their github . Easy if you know what you are doing.

For those of us that suffer from writer's block and could enjoy the help of a ‘story ghost’ offers a modern creative suite, similarly with a 40 day free trial. Quite a bit of creative fun perhaps just long enough to kick your writer's block and then you kick the free trial. My guess is that the AI becomes so much fun to use that you wouldn't mind paying the $10 a month. For those that write daily, I could see it being a huge asset in fluidity and rapidness of production. ‘Who wouldn't love to bounce ideas off an AI ?’ Think of the Jetsons! Another really radical tool is the ability to analyze the emotional intensity of the writing. Their emotional analysis tool “detects emotional changes over time, and overall tone.” Understanding nuance and tone seems like an unteachable and human trait, I wonder how they do that?

Natural Language Processing tools are undoubtedly amazing, thus inevitably can yield monetary potential. If one is lucky enough to stumble upon the knowledge early on and educate themselves on it’s applications, they could be ahead of the curve. But how do we determine what is worth our time? As an individual, with less to gamble than a large company, perhaps we are left yearning. At this juncture GPT-3 Natural Language Processing tools are in a pay to play arena and mostly tools designed towards larger scale application.

My hope is that GPT-3 software continues to get exposure and funding; therefore becoming well known and accessible to anyone with curiosity around its potential. I await the news that companies are sharing their research and considering nonprofits, grants and programs for education that will make the barriers of entry to this topic easier. I will continue to keep an eye out for the education that follows.

Open source for this open heart; please for the common folk!

These GPT-3 whales are creating a vast current, and I am now learning to swim.

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