The Automated Media Network

Apr 15, 2021

"Always a human mind to find"

Media production, distribution, and even participation are increasingly automated. Automated media is the next journalistic shift. It’s not only the future of politics, but it is already becoming a central staple of contemporary marketing campaigns, electoral or otherwise. There are many who fear this automation while others abuse it.

Our goal is to move beyond fear and encourage understanding of these tools and their responsible use. There is also an essential conversation to be had regarding the rules that can and should govern their usage in democratic societies.

As a network we explore, examine, and where possible experience how our media industries and cultures are either benefiting from or are threatened by automation. Rather than fear or malign, we seek to understand and where possible employ automated tools and systems for the benefit of humanity.

Whether you are a programmer or a policy professional, a media executive or recovering journalist, academic, educator, investor, entrepreneur, citizen, or aspiring botnet operator, this network is for you, and the opportunity to shape the future of the automated media industry is now.

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